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A day #inmyshoes - A look into Babies First Day Care Centre - Meet Nadeemah and Tasneem

A day #inmyshoes - A look into Babies First Day Care Centre - Meet Nadeemah and Tasneem


By: Catherine Young

What an awesome day two of Global Entrepreneurship Week this was! We started our day with a very interactive live streaming session through the Microsoft Virtual Academy, talking to SMEs about how they can grow their customer base, with questions pouring in from all around Africa. We then proceeded to our Thinkroom StartBiz Campaign, where we helped startups get their businesses registered, logos briefed, website designs briefed, as well as providing the SMEs with insights into their Entrepreneurial DNA, and mentoring in their key areas of need. The campaign was on fire! We had fun, had lunch, and had many discussions interspersed with much laughter. We are confident that the SMEs who participated had as much fun as we did!

As part of the StartBiz Campaign today I met two incredible sisters, Nadeemah and Tasneem. They decided to take the plunge and will be opening their first day-care centre on Sandton Drive early next year. They are passionate, relentless and eager all at the same time, and want to take a fresh approach to day-care, by using technology as a key enabler to give parents peace of mind, whilst providing the business with insightful data to take them to the next level. I asked them to share a day #inmyshoes.

They both gave up their day jobs to pursue this dream full time, and are balancing work and family whilst pushing ahead to get their business ready for an early 2016 opening. They tell me they are true soul sisters. They have been talking about starting this business for years. And when the opportunity came about this year, they grabbed it with four arms! They are hard working moms who understand how daunting it is to leave your baby at a place of care when returning back to work after maternity leave. Their aim is to help working moms and families cope with this dilemma in the best possible way. They strike me as stopping at nothing to get what they want, yet have the humility of spirit and kindness of heart you cannot help but embrace. 

They want to differentiate the business through a technology enabled platform that allow parents to have insights and feedback on a continuous basis, whilst still keeping the human touch with the little ones, keeping them happy, keeping them safe.

I want to make a prediction that this is a business to watch, as the second day-care centre is already under discussion with a warmth that make you believe our children would be happy and safe.

We salute you.



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