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A day in the shoes of a serial entrepreneur - Marcellin Binoko

A day in the shoes of a serial entrepreneur - Marcellin Binoko


By: Catherine Young

So we have just finished Day 1 of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015, and I can categorically state that we had loads of fun and loads of learning! We engaged with many entrepreneurs across all stages of business, talking about things that matter to them most.

And in engaging with the entrepreneurs today, we were privileged enough to get a view of a day in Marcellin Binoko's shoes, a serial entrepreneur originally from the DRC who started a business eight years ago in South Africa called Asifiwe Corporate Solutions. Their aim of the business is to assist with trade and deal flow between South African SMEs and those from the DRC. Bridging the language barrier between English and French as business languages often prove to be difficult for trade between the two parties, and this is key to what Asifiwe Corporate Solutions do to help SMEs navigating this terrain.

Marcellin's day is typically 40 hours squeezed into 24 whilst he balances work and life. He is passionate about his business, and believes that hard work and focus will bring success. He is married to a wife who is a dentist and they have a handsome son of eight years old. Marcellin has aspirations of growing his business to a point one day where he will secure a bright future for him and his family, as well as enable his wife to open a practice in the DRC as well as keep her practice in South Africa. 

What struck me most about my conversation with Marcellin was the positive comments he made around the structures in place within South Africa for small business support compared to some of the other countries where he has worked in Africa. He categorically made the point that South Africa has relatively good support in place for SMEs just starting out, and that SMEs should continue to harness this position in the country, as it is much more onerous to get similar things done as SMEs in other countries.

Lastly, it is clear that he adores his family and wants to provide them with the best future they could possibly have imagined. And what better way to do so than to embrace being an entrepreneur with endless earning potential and untapped markets.

Let's salute Marcellin for doing the work he does, in the way he does it. The name of his business translates into Praise. No better way of describing the making of a successful business.

He can be reached on +27 72 691 6108 or +24 39 903 56450.


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