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By: Catherine Young

We are at the start of an exciting week for entrepreneurs the world over. Global Entrepreneurship Week allows seven days of focus on entrepreneurs who need reminding of the important roles they play in changing the world, one customer at a time, one job at a time. In our world of working with entrepreneurs, we often see the hardship, sweat and tears as they focus on starting and growing their businesses, whilst still having to put bread on the table. We see many a small business owner work eighty hour weeks, consistently, in the start-up phases of the business when resources are not yet at a level to employ competent others. We see many successes, many failures, but we definitely see more of them getting up one more time than what they have fallen. It takes guts, determination and resilience with a dash of insanity to keep on going on. And yet, we see so many lives changed through the success stories that all started as dreams. We are blessed to do the work we do.

During this week we will feature one entrepreneur per day who we have met through our various engagements for that day, with the aim of understanding their world. We want to share a day in their shoes, to enable a view of the road they are travelling to get them closer to their dreams. Although it is not possible to profile every entrepreneur we meet this week in detail, we will support this campaign by uploading selfies with as many entrepreneurs as we can with the hashtag #inmyshoes and one word given to us by the entrepreneur describing what drives them, as well as the name of their business and Twitter handle/URL. Please join our movement this week of supporting entrepreneurs worldwide between 16 and 20 November 2015 by adding faces to the names of giants in the making.

If we understand a day in their shoes, we may just understand why we should support them, how that will help creating jobs, which in turn could change the world.

So changing the world is in our hands after all.

Let’s go spend a day in their shoes.

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