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By: Catherine Young

So February 2016 presents us with the reality of a leap year. One extra day. 24 hours. 1440 minutes. 86 400 seconds. And that day is a Monday.

The last time a leap day was skipped on the calendar was back in February 1900, and the next time will be February 2100. The average life expectancy worldwide currently is 70.7 years. So we can very much figure that the current earthlings will not experience the February 2100 event, except if modern medicine youthfully boosts us into the next century!

My observation then, to all startups and entrepreneurs out there -

We were given one extra day this year to use as we wish. We so often complain about our lack of time in our overcrowded-overbusy-overcommitted entrepreneurial world, as we chase the next deadline or next big client that we forget to breathe. We forget to think. We forget to step away from our businesses and look at them from the other side. We forget the power of doing just that, and the power it will give us to leap forward. (No pun intended, of course).

So here is a challenge for you as an entrepreneur. Use Monday 29 February 2016 to step away from your business. If that means sitting on the beach, or sitting underneath a beautiful willow on a riverbank, or in your lounge at home, that does not really matter. But what matters is that you step out of the day-to-day of your business, and step into the possibility of what it could be, and more. It will require discipline, of course, but imagine if you spend the day looking at the future, rather than running between burning platforms, trying to kill fires that will still rage for many moons as the fuel burns off. 

This one day away from same-old should include a good bit of introspection, combined with a good bit of looking to the future. What are the trends in your industry? What has not been working for a while, and how to end or change it? Who are those clients that could really benefit from what you offer, and how can you approach them in a fresh way? What are people saying on social media about the sector you are in, the products you provide, or the products your competitors provide? How can you fast forward your business five years on the competitors by doing one thing different? Do you have the right employees in the business to propel it into the future? Do you have clients that see the relationship as a long-term partnership, or should you end some of these relationships? Are you truly achieving the dream you set out to achieve when you started? Are you still having fun, and if not, how do you bring fun back into your business? Are you taking care of your health that will serve your family and business for years to come? The list of questions is endless.

You will be surprised at the advantages of stepping back, changing lenses and taking a good look at yourself, your employees, your customers, your business and your family. Stepping back brings a different perspective. Think about it. If you are given just one section of a picture taken of a maze, it will be really difficult to understand where it starts or ends. It will be difficult to see the dead ends and potential loops. But if you step back it provides a different perspective on how to get to the right place in the most innovative way. 

And the most important part of stepping back would be to identify just those two or three things that you can change on 01 March 2016 that will truly make a difference. 

Join us on Monday 29 February 2016 to step back from the now and look forward to what will be. Thinkroom will be doing just that. Let's go find our places of solitude and discover the next steps.

We were blessed with an extra day. Let's make it count.







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